Power Cable and Accessory (Malaysia)

We have all types of Power Cable and Accessory, ex stock available.


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About Us

We have been in power cable business since year 2006 and today we are proudly serve as your reliable power cable and wire supplier in Malaysia. We have ex-stock availability of wide range of cable product and specification which not limited to coaxial, armoured, XLPE, PVC and etc. Please browse to about our company for more information.

Request for Quotation (RFQ)

To request for quotation, kindly email to cabling@trionestech.com.
Meanwhile, please consider include following in your request :

  • contact information
  • item name and specification
  • brand (if applicable)
  • quantity
  • method of delivery (self collect etc)
  • delivery date
  • delivery address (if applicable)
  • and other useful information.
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